• Cool Change Ventilation Shock Absorbing Semi-Finger Gloves (Pair)


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Cool Change riding half gloves, elastic, breathable wear resistant, antiskid damping, comfortable sweat

Breathable mesh fabric has good palm ventilation function is arranged on the palm, palm with anti wear antiskid abrasion resistant materials, in the riding, promptly eliminate palms sweat, keep dry and comfortable, shock absorption of anti-skid

Gloves, fashion and light, suitable for a variety of occasions to wear, cycling, fitness, outdoor, mountain climbing, etc.. br / img alt src http //img.dxcdn.com/OverviewImage/FAX-SM-XCW/sku 441225 1.jpg / img alt src http //img.dxcdn.com/OverviewImage/FAX-SM-XCW/sku 441225 2.jpg / img alt src http //img.dxcdn.com/OverviewImage/FAX-SM-XCW/sku 441225 3.jpg / img alt src http //img.dxcdn.com/OverviewImage/FAX-SM-XCW/sku 441225 4.jpg / img alt src http //img.dxcdn.com/OverviewImage/FAX-SM-XCW/sku 441225 5.jpg / br / table class t info

LOGO for 3D silicone hot stamping surface with a towel, do not get off, can wipe the sweat when riding, convenient and comfortable

Off design, when the gloves off, only need to hold fast tripping on your finger, you can easily and quickly

The back of the hand uses a soft, breathable mesh fabric, plus personal elastic cloth, air permeability, rapid evaporation of the sweat of the back of the hand, brand rubber magic stickers, strong viscosity, can be adjusted according to the size of the hand comfort